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LISTEN NOW: 5 Hard Truths About the Scale

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: LISTEN NOW: 5 Hard Truths About the Scale

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Whether you know it or not – every human has three key psychological needs – and today’s toxic wellness culture exploits all three of them in order to sell products and services to us. It’s marketing psychology with the added morality of all the reasons it’s “for your health.”

We are talking about this today through the eyes of an experienced eating behavior psychologist, Dr. Shawn Hondorp, and we are taking a hard look at what core parts of our emotional wellness we are continuing to sacrifice in order to participate in diet culture!

Be prepared to learn about the science of motivation, the psychology of wellness, and the non-diet solutions that are available to you instead! 



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The common practice of telling large-bodied patients universally to “lose weight” is an example of weight stigma or anti-fat bias in its most explicit form. But what else is happening in the exam room that is overt weight bias but perhaps hidden right in plain sight?

We get accustomed to how every doctor’s visit “usually goes” because that is how we’ve always expected it to be. But this week, we are going to uncover several weight stigma pitfalls that as providers and patients, have become blind spots because we’ve never considered the harm that they might be causing.

When we acknowledge the problems, educate ourselves, and advocate for a change in practice – that’s when we can be truly confident in the healthcare we are giving and receiving! 


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I would like for all of us mothers to share one giant communal gift this year… can we please all pinky promise to reject the toxic “bounce back” mom culture together? 

It’s venomous, it’s deceptive, it’s pervasive… and it’s keeping us from being the moms we were meant to be. 

Yes, you are a different person after becoming a mom. Motherhood changes everything about a person – including our bodies. But maybe the key to eradicating this culture for our own daughters is in our hands right now. 

You are enough. You are not a previous version of yourself trapped in a body where you don’t belong. This is it, ladies. Let’s decide how to honor ourselves and set up our children and our families for a mom culture of self-respect! 


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