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LISTEN NOW: 5 Hard Truths About the Scale

Listen To My Latest Podcast Episode: LISTEN NOW: 5 Hard Truths About the Scale

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Many of our episodes are science heavy… this one is emotion heavy. My guest this week, Karin Pitcairn, now practices as a non-diet aligned nutrition therapy practitioner, but as with many of us – she came to her current professional landing place after a rocky relationship with chronic dieting and disordered eating.

In fact, Karin participated many years ago in a 12-Step Program for Food Addiction (while she was suffering with an eating disorder), and her personal story highlights the dangerous nature of these programs – which are still in existence today!

While this episode may not be appropriate for those still early and vulnerable in their recovery, if you are able to hear Karin’s story, I hope that it invites you to understand how our cultural obsession with thinness tragically harms women who are willing to do anything to comply.


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Have you ever heard someone says “science shows” but you’re not really convinced that person knows about science or what it shows?

And do you feel doubly concerned when that person is working as a health professional, in the wellness industry, or in the health sciences? 

It is happening all the time. And it is probably happening in regards to the nutrition and weight sciences even more than other disciplines because bias is built in to the concept from the foundation up. 

Research methodology is complex, and there is no expectation that every person will be able to discern scientific conclusions at the primary source… but we must hold our professionals accountable - and simultaneously, we must all start to understand the layer of bias that are baked in the information we accept at indelible truths. 


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Body images barriers are common, daresay nearly universal, for women – especially those emerging from of a lifetime of endless dieting.

But the good news is there is a process to healing an injured body image, and it is far more nuanced than looking in the mirror and “loving your body.”

This week’s guest, Molly Seifert, is a body image mentor and coach who helps diet culture dropouts reconnect with their body so they can be unapologetically themselves, share their big gifts with the world and live their life authentically!

If your body image is a stumbling block for you and you need some guidance – this episode is full of helpful tips on how to move past this common struggle!




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