Can you imagine a life without the stress of yo-yo dieting...


then THE Diet Disruptors with Maggie Landes MD MPH ONLINE COMMUNITY is your next stop!


What can you expect in this community?




Confusing nutrition headlines? Get clarity.

Expensive weight loss gimmicks? Get past them.

Anxious about food? Get cooking.

Struggling with body image? Get confident.

Feeling isolated in the struggle? Get connected.

I want in with Maggie & THE Diet Disruptors group on Facebook!

You do NOT have to obsess about food and eating every hour of your life!


This is a weight-inclusive, health at every size (HAES) aligned space created for women just like you. Supported by science. Real nerd stuff.

Powered by the mind of a doctor, the heart of a foodie, and someone with the guts to change the world!


See you there!

I would LOVE to have you - after one teensy thing...

I want to make fo' sho' this group is packed with women who are committed to bettering themselves and supporting others!

You are about to join, not a group, but a movement of change makers!

Get ready to disrupt diet culture and find yourself again... right this way, my friend!


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