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My expertise. Your community.

Let's make this better together! 


  • Do you run a group coaching program for women struggling with diet culture and looking for food freedom?


  •  Are you counseling groups of women through the Intuitive Eating framework?


  •  Do your clients struggle with doctor visits because of their body beliefs and confusion about health and weight?


  • Are you a teacher or a professor and looking to add content about weight stigma and healthcare into your curriculum?


  •  Does your audience need a reality check about dieting and weight loss from a HAES® aligned medical doctor's perspective?

You are speaking my language, friend!

I would love to hear what you do and see if I can support YOUR programming by adding my voice!

That might be a pre-recorded module for your digital course... that might be a bonus live workshop for your next coaching cohort... that might be customized printed resources for your audience...

This can look a million different ways - so let's chat!


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