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  • Do you run a group coaching program for women struggling with diet culture and looking for food freedom?


  •  Are you counseling groups of women through the Intuitive Eating framework?


  •  Do your clients struggle with doctor visits because of their body beliefs and confusion about health and weight?


  • Are you a teacher or a professor and looking to add content about weight stigma and healthcare into your curriculum?


  •  Does your audience need a reality check about dieting and weight loss from a HAES® aligned medical doctor's perspective?

You are speaking my language, friend!

I would love to hear what you do and see if I can support YOUR programming by adding my voice!

That might be a pre-recorded module for your digital course... that might be a bonus live workshop for your next coaching cohort... that might be customized printed resources for your audience...

This can look a million different ways - so let's chat!


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Are you a HAES® curious health pro??


This all sounds good, but you might be wondering about the science behind it...


You know the weight management paradigm hasn't worked for your clients and patients (or you!)... but what other options are there?


It might feel really hard to be mindful of weight stigma and have honest conversions - especially when you feel like you are the only one in your profession doing it...

Good news: THIS is my specialty!


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