Mind of a doctor.

Heart of a foodie.

Guts of someone ready to change the world.


Are you READY to stop dieting?


This is not your average doctor.

This is not your average way of thinking.



This is about food, honesty, personal growth, goal getting, eating well, and becoming a better YOU! 

The obligatory professional introduction would say that I am a board-certified practicing physician with nearly two decades of clinical experience caring for children and their families. 

*Yawn*… Doctors talking about nutrition.  Puhleeeeeease.  

Suffice it to say, I won’t suggest you accept me on those credentials alone.

After my personal battle with lymphoma in 2017, my perpetual dabbling in nutritional science, and proclivity as an enneagram type 3 led me to enroll in graduate school to find out what professionals in the field of nutrition are learning.

I’ve now completed my Masters in Public Health Nutrition, and it has been a perspective awakening experience to take my knowledge of nutrition outside the walls of the exam room and into the population.

The catalyst for developing this venue for teaching, however, came not from what I've studied... but instead from the blank space between those things.

We are missing something very important.

We are missing it from the health care system.

We are missing it from the media.

We are missing it from the food industry.

We are missing it in our soul.

The constant obsession with food and dieting is toxic to our health and longevity.  It is contaminating our relationships and affecting how we feel about ourselves and function every hour of the day.

As a doctor and public health nutritionist, I've been taught how it all works in theory...

But I know you really don’t care about my diplomas.

  • You care about decoding the latest diet headlines.
  • You care about cooking something that has a prayer of a chance of being consumed by a four-year-old.  Or a fifteen-year-old.  Or a husband.
  • You care about living long enough to meet your grandchildren. 
  • You care about being able to push your lawnmower, knowing how to dice an avocado, and being able to sleep well and have energy to take that promotion at work.
  • You care about curbing your diet soda habit and running that last mile.
  • You care about not getting diabetes and losing your eyesight... or your limbs.

You care about SO MANY things that are being drowned out by your continuous negative internal dialogue about food. 

I want you to change your mind, change your plate, and change your life for good...


Let me help you clearly see your goals for the first time and construct a way of eating that gets you there healthy and whole. You have everything it takes to do this, I promise!

Does food at EVERY single social event stress you out?

Come on in, friend... I have what you need!


Check out my new guide:

5 Secrets to Stress-Free Social Eating


Why me?

Because helping you is what lights me on fire, and you will feel that immediately.  I live for that look in someone’s eyes when they understand something for the first time!

I’m just grey enough to believe...

Just nerdy enough to trust...

Just chubby enough to confide in...

Just creative enough to get you hooked... 

And just quirky enough to keep you reading. 


If you eat, you are my people.  I’m truly grateful you are part of our community!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

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