Mind of a doctor.

Heart of a foodie.

Guts of someone ready to change the world.


Are you a fellow HEALTH PRO?

Hello, there!

I'm Maggie Landes MD MPH


I'm not going to seem like your average doctor.

In fact, I'm not YOUR doctor at all... 



But that's fine because really, this is about YOU! 


✔️ Cleaning out all the diet culture garbage in your head... yes, those WW points and everything!

✔️ Finally separating your self-confidence from the size of your jeans and the "streak" on your Apple watch rings!

✔️ Appreciating and respecting your CURRENT body... and knowing (really really knowing) that health isn't measured on the scale!

✔️ And possibly the best thing coming if you make this journey... getting back all the day to day, hour to hour brainpower and emotional bandwidth you are spending thinking about micromanaging your body!


Your weight is the LEAST interesting thing about your body...

and *spoiler alert* your doctor may not be fully informed of this!



Does the conversation about weight and dieting suck you in at EVERY turn?

Come on in, friend... I have what you need!


Check out my FREE downloadable eGuide:

Navigating the Narrative

How to handle the uncomfortable conversations you want out of with friends, family, and even DOCTORS!

Why me?


I’m just grey enough to believe...

Just nerdy enough to trust...

Just chubby enough to confide in...

Just creative enough to get you hooked... 

And just quirky enough to keep you reading. 


If you want healthcare to be honest, unbiased, and kind to people of all sizes - then you are my people.

I’m truly grateful you are part of our community!

Are you a curious HEALTH PRO wondering if you can do this too? I've got something just for YOU!

"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world; indeed, it's the only thing that ever has."

Margaret Mead

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