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"Clients to Clinic" Pro Resource Bundle

Get your clients & patients calm, confident, and committed to GO BACK to the doctor... no matter what size their body!

AND have solid answers to their questions about weight and health that are just out of your professional comfort zone!

What's included?


❉ Pre-visit checklist to help patients select and screen providers and get ready for their visit!


❉ Printable HAES® (Health at Every Size) reference and scripting cards designed specifically to set expectations at doctor's visits


❉ Word-for-word scripts for declining the scale and navigating the stigmatizing "weight-talk"


❉ Checklist with TWENTY-THREE different heath metrics they can discuss with their doctor BESIDES weight!

❉ My custom "Inclusive Intervention Menu" to help patients make sure they are getting a complete and unbiased treatment plan from their doctor