3 Secrets to Fast-Track Your Clients' Progress by

Breaking up with the BMI

an actionable training for all flavors of health pros!

In this masterclass, you'll learn:
  • The TOP mistake most health pros are making with their clients that is deterring their progress... no shame! I've been there too!
  • The #1 MOST important action step health pros can take to get their clients health journey back on track ASAP!
  • My 5-STEP formula for crafting a BMI-free health practice that will make your clients healthier AND crazy happy to work with you!
Breaking up with the BMI is the golden ticket to the practice of your dreams!

When you are able to put the focus on weight aside… not only are you using the BEST evidence available - but it creates an opening to connect with your clients, measure important health metrics, set actionable goals, and improve their overall health and relationship with you.

Creating a weight-neutral environment of practice increases client satisfaction AND improves health outcomes. Win win!

Join me for this FREE PRO TRAINING to learn exactly how to do this for your own practice!


This PRO TRAINING is a must if...

  • You are tired of having that icky, tricky conversation about weight and BMI with every client you see!
  • Your clients keep having setbacks in their journey because other health pros have told them over and over to lose weight 😩
  • You know using the BMI feels irrelevant in your work, but not talking about weight feels like ignoring the elephant in the living room 😬
A Personal Invitation from Maggie...

I'm not ignorant to the fact that your time is very precious... and being gifted an uninterrupted one hour of your time to participate in this training with me is a gift.

I am grateful for you.

But I want you to know, shifting the paradigm of weight and health in your mind and Breaking Up with the BMI in your practice WILL make you a better professional!

It is THE BEST evidence we have to use - and your clients are depending on you to deliver inclusive, actionable, relevant health care.

Let's change the face of health TOGETHER!