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Eat Anything, Just Not Everything

Jan 10, 2021

People often ask me how to get “control” of their eating.

I've come to the conclusion that humans are exceptionally drawn to the idea of control – much like wide-eyed Dorothy and her entourage on their pilgrimage to see the Wizard. There’s got to be an answer, and maybe, just maybe... I am the one that can pull the strings behind the curtain for them.

But we are already intently controlling our eating and white knuckling any diet we can get our hands on without success.

Perhaps the answer is in letting go of the control.

In other words – stop dieting.

 Photo by Kai Pilger on Unsplash

If I told you “you can eat anything you want and still be healthy”… that’s just crazy talk, right?

Pizza?  Macaroni and Cheese?  Chocolate? Nachos?

Those snowballs at the gas station with the colored coconut? Yes.

One of the principles of undieting is NOTHING off limits.


We have been told food has personality, a...

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My Voice has a Voice Now!

Oct 26, 2020

I've always thought I grew up wanting to be a doctor, but really I have come to find out that what I meant to say was "I want to grow up and be a doctor who holds a microphone and teaches people about eating"...

Ever since I knew what a podcast was, I knew I wanted one of my own.

This is not your doctor's conversation about nutrition.  This is the real talk about real food for real people.  You can absolutely be healthy without being hungry!

I hope that you continue to join me and find inspiration and insight to eat better and be better.  Leading you through the transformation to do that is what I live for.

And, of course... cheese.  I live for cheese too!


Maggie Landes MD has the mind of a doctor, the heart of a foodie, and the guts of someone ready to change the world!  

This is the conversation you've been looking for to help guide you out of the diet culture to a place where food is fun again, health is attainable, and anything is possible!

In this...

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You Should Carry a Granola Bar Just in Case

Jul 11, 2020

(originally published on here on Medium on 1/28/20)

...and other nutritional doomsday predictions

Every mom who has ever switched handbags knows exactly what I’m talking about. The blind grab into the ne’er talked about abyss at the bottom of the purse. Frantically rummaging for car keys, we retrieve the treasures of the deep:

One uncapped ballpoint pen.

A couple of stretched out ponytail holders.

2.7 meters of wadded up CVS receipt paper.

Eleven loose half-wrapped pieces of gum studded in pencil shavings and fuzz.

The “good lipstick” you bought from MAC in 2006 for the date night you are still holding out for.

And then the sine qua non cornerstone of your expedition to the nethermost region of Planet Purse…

The granola bar.    


Still hermetically sealed yet regrettably pulverized within an inch of its very shelf stable life… so thoughtfully tucked away just in case.

I, too, raise my hand in solidarity...

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I Ate a Stick of Butter, and It Didn't Work

Jan 26, 2020

or to say it another way:  you must really be an idiot

(originally published here on Medium 1/23/2020)

Humans like explanations. 

The more simple, the more palatable they are.  If any idea can be compacted into a tight clean linear equation – we can sit more comfortably with it. 

How many people have you met that enjoy calculus more than algebra?  My point exactly.  It’s easier, it’s linear.  We like tweets, headlines, bullet journals, armless chairs, we freaking love Marie Kondo – and it’s real love. 

Simple is comfortable.

Simple is joy. 

Better yet, if we can program algorithms into a gadget so that it becomes unobtrusive, simple, informative, parceled down into teensy informatic bits of data - we love that even more. Bonus points if it makes a graph too! Sleep tracking. Food tracking. Heart rate tracking.  Exercise tracking.

We track our kids, our bike rides, our investments, our macros,...

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