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Are you stressed, discouraged, and confused about eating?


Dr. Maggie Landes will show you how to ditch the apps, the diets, the gimmicks, the disappointment


Fix your food overwhelm!

Are you ready to be done with dieting?

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You eat more than 2,000 times a year, and you've probably been dieting for decades. That's a lot of reasons for you to feel resistant to leaving that lifestyle behind!

If you're unsure, unclear, or a flat out skeptic... this is an easy yes.

My "Undiet Your Life" eGuide ($12) is the perfect low-commitment starting place to change the way you think about food.

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Understand Nutrition

Peel back all the confusion about the headlines and the trends.  Invest some brainpower in getting to know food at its foundation.

For Health

Everyone has the capacity to understand how their body is powered. Your health is a precious thing, and you deserve to know the truth.

In a Community

We are friends focused on progress over perfection. Learn to actively participate in your relationship with food, and feel better with each bite!


Got dinner doldrums?

You've made dinner a zillion nights in a row now, and you are OVER it!

Got a kitchen full of picky eaters...

Running low on ideas and time...

Bored of the same 'ol supper selections...

Tired of going back to the store for that thing you forgot...

You can have THREE weeks of dinner on us!

Grab the recipes, the shopping lists, and simple swaps you can use to make them yours!

Founded on APTITUDE

Progress requires trust, and Maggie can deliver on the experience gleaned from being a practicing physician, a public health nutritionist, AND most importantly... an experienced foodie!

Get comfortable in the language of good eats.

Focused on ATTITUDE

We set ourselves apart from all the other programs you've tried because we will meet you where you are now.

Being your best YOU - whatever that looks like - depends on a foundation of health, and we want to show you that it doesn't have to be complicated or expensive...and you certainly don't need to be hungry!

The person you want to be tomorrow or in twenty years... YOU are already them.

You are capable, and armed with the right information in a community of motivated eaters, we know you can live more fully STARTING TODAY!

Do you have eating OVERWHELM?

  • Losing faith in contradictory nutrition headlines
  • Exhausted from constant counting, measuring, tracking your diet
  • Frustrated about missing your favorite foods
  • Disappointed with monotonous and rigid eating plans
  • Falling victim to the scale determining your self-worth
  • Compromising your quality of life with nagging chronic health issues
  • Tentative or anxious about your culinary skills
  • Feeling defeated by your food environment 
Yes! I want help out!

A group of eaters learning together from an experienced physician, nutritionist, and serious foodie. This is exactly what you have been looking for!

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Honesty. Reality. And lots of good food!