Diets don't work.

Doctors aren't helping.


Are you ready to become the next future-ex-dieter, but your doctor wants you to lose weight?


Maybe you're a health or wellness pro trying to adopt a weight-neutral approach to practice?


You are in the right place.



Let's Get Started!

Need help dealing with your doctors?


"It wouldn't hurt for you to lose a few pounds..."

"If you don't start taking care of your weight, those problems won't get any better..."

"It (fill in the blank: any diagnosis) will only go away if you slim down some..."

This isn't HEALTHcare. It's WEIGHTcare.

It's not factually correct. It's not ethical.

AND my 75 minute on-demand workshop is going to give you a strategy to navigate weight stigma and these complicated interactions in your very next visit!

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For Future-Ex-Dieters

Peel back all the confusion about the headlines and the trends.  We are going to fix your food overwhelm!

All that time, money, energy, emotional trauma you've spent in diet culture?? You're getting that back, friend!

Health & Wellness Pros

Everybody has a good body and deserves access to respectful quality health and wellness opportunities.

Dr. Maggie is going to quickly and confidently help you take the WEIGHTcare out of your HEALTHcare practice!

AND Eaters Everywhere!

Listen. We all eat. Let's not make this any harder than it needs to be.

The undieting journey focuses on progress over perfection - so let's learn to actively participate in our relationship with food and enjoy eating again!


No, Karen... I don't want to hear about it.

Everyone wants to share their greatest new diet, and you are OVER it!

Your best friend...

Your mom...

Your sister...

Karen from accounting...

AND even your DOCTOR!


Tired of diet and weight loss talk EVERYWHERE?

Maggie's "Navigating the Narrative" 20 page eGuide includes a step-by-step, word-for-word script for managing those difficult conversations like a BOSS!

Founded on APTITUDE

Progress requires trust, and Maggie can deliver on the experience gleaned from being a practicing physician, a public health nutritionist, AND most importantly... a recovered chronic dieter!

She's been in the exam room on both sides of the equation, and her years decades of experience are going to help you...

Get the WEIGHTcare out of your HEALTHcare.

Focused on ATTITUDE

We believe that the body works.

Food is good.

You are not broken.

Health is possible.


The person you want to be tomorrow or in twenty years... YOU are already them.

You are capable, and armed with the right information in a community of motivated humans, we know you can live more fully STARTING TODAY!

Do you have eating OVERWHELM?

  • Losing faith in contradictory nutrition headlines
  • Exhausted from constant counting, measuring, tracking your diet
  • Frustrated about missing your favorite foods
  • Disappointed with monotonous and rigid eating plans
  • Falling victim to the scale determining your self-worth
  • Compromising your quality of life with nagging chronic health issues
  • Tentative or anxious about your culinary skills
  • Feeling defeated by your food environment 
Yes! This is TOTALLY me!

I've got you, sister!

Come join this community of future-ex-dieters who are learning together from an experienced physician, nutritionist, and serious foodie.

This is exactly what you have been looking for!

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I promise no slick sales funnels and spammy ads - I hate that too!

Honesty. Reality. And lots of buh-bye to diet culture! 👋🏻👋🏻👋🏻